"Happiness Materials"

Let us introduce to the world new materials from Vietnam Bamboo “For the Human health and the Earth” :)


Reliable information is the first criterion of us, with staff working style, ethics, skill and personality best. Create a professional work environment, open.


Currently BWG is the largest exporter of bamboo in Southeast Asia and the European quality of IKEA export.

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Production and design on request. Most especially the quality – prestige – competitive prices.



Road transport is the mode of freight transportation by land as cars, buses, trucks, tankers, car fooc, container trucks, trailers, semi-trailers pulling cars ...

Transportation by road is the popular form of transport and the most common in this kind of transportation. This type of transport has outstanding advantage is the convenience, portability and high adaptability to terrain conditions, with high economic efficiency on the short and medium distances.

Road transport is one of the chain's transport operations our company for many years. With the trucks are the leading investors in Vietnam and the staff have years of experience on the roads across the country. We hope to meet all requirements of customers.


Transport by air

Air transport sector following the introduction of other forms of transport, but to this moment, air transport plays an important role in domestic transportation and international. The company is deploying service proship shipping by air connections Hanoi - Da Nang - HCM City and other provinces with the best rates in town.

Through listening to our customers, the service also aims to develop and expand the scope, nature and quality of freight service., Shipping services using reliable and find creative solutions in line with the needs of customers to increase operational productivity and achieve maximum efficiency. Come to us if you need transportation.


Sea transport

Sea Freight was born quite early compared to other transport modes. As early as the fifth century BC, people have the advantage of making sea transport route for exchanges of domain zones, the different countries of the world. Until now shipping are to thrive and become a modern shipping industry in the international transport system.

As one of the leading freight forwarder, we are committed to provide logistics services Sea Freight diversity with the best quality. For us, there is no other place is not to be.

With a strong system of agents, freight forwarding services our sea is constantly evolving and improving. Our brand has been popularized.

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We value our partners and believe that our program of partnership business tool is very effective, open more convenient for participants.


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Correct standard truck

According to Circular 42/2014 / TT-BGTVT newly issued MOT 15/9, truck and tipper truck covered roof, car and truck cisterns must meet a…
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